Learning Process in Kids Habitat is a natural, fun and seamless activity since the day of entry in the school, which neither allows a child to forget the name of the school nor the learning, throughout all those growing years in formal schools. This becomes possible when dedicated people work towards a pre defined module of curriculum and activities for the children throughout the year. The process may be a little complex for the teacher but is most of the fun for the child.

All the possible activities in school viz. Alphabet, Counting, Rhymes, Names, Picnic, Annual Day, Birthdays, Festivals, Traditions, Etiquettes, General Awareness etc. are part and parcel of formal learning which leave sound and long lasting impressions on the tender age and mind. Best efforts are made to feel the comfort level of the child while learning is done.

Parents are offered valuable guidance for the selection of a good formal school for their ward and also for their interview.

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    This pre-school home is conveniently located and is equipped with the best of modern educational aids and fun games. Above all, Kids Habitat has excellent trained staff to look after your child with great concern, care and understanding.
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